,,Doamna"/The Teacher

 I am a happy YELLOWTWION :) I  am participating in ETWINNING AND SOCIAL MEDIA Lerning Event/ Particip la seminarul online ETWINNING ȘI SOCIAL MEDIA :)

On 26th of November, the eTwinning Creative Classroom Group introduced the Expert Collaborative Talks- members of the group organize webinars on topics they consider are within their expertise, in collaboration with other members.Five etwinning ambassadors from different countries- Tiina Sarisalmi-Finland, Miguela Fernandez- Portugal, Daniela Bunea and Cornelia Melcu- Romania and Costantino Soudaz- Italy talked about their eTwinning experience. Working as a team was great :)Following the link bellow you can watch the common presentation:


Conferinta eTwinning de la Lisabona, martie 2013/ eTwinning Annual Conference, Lisbon, March 2013

Eu sunt Cornelia Melcu si sunt profesor pentru invatamantul primar..de peste 20 de ani. Sunt ambasador eTwinning si formator./ I am Cornelia Melcu and I have been a primary school teacher for more than 20 years.I am an eTwinning ambassador and a teacher trainer too.

Am participat la un curs de formare numit UP2D8 si am fost cu adevarat incantata.

In perioada 1-5 august 2012 am participat la Tabara de vara NECI, in Hunedoara. Mai multe aflati accesand acest link. 

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